06 December, 2007

Contemporary Ceiling Mounted Curtains Behind a Pelmet or Cornice

This room is an excellent example of ceiling mounted curtains behind a fixed pelmet or cornice.

This space has a wonderful collection of features and dramatic use of pattern and color as a feature wall.

The damask look wallpaper provides the room with definite personality and is unmistakably the focal point with the television screen centered on the wall.

The curtains are functional in this room, they provide a softer subtle backdrop allowing diffused light to filter into the room. The choice of a natural color sheer fabric means that it is not competing for attention with the feature wall.

This type of curtain track, ceiling mounted track, is not used often in homes but is very popular in apartments or where there is full height glazing to a wall as often there are no available fixing points on the wall to mount a track. The Barcelona sofa and stools by Mies van der Rohe are a popular 20th Century Furniture Design as well as the Le Corbusier Grand Confort sofas.

The thick shag wool rug defines the conversation area of the room.

The only element of design that I am not sure of is the introduction of color with the yellow cushions and flowers, I don’t think it has enough impact to the well balanced room.

Currently the feature wall and Barcelona sofa are the same color and the sofas are the same color which visually balances the room, the addition of the yellow is too small and there is not enough of it. I think that the use of red would have been by far a bsetter option.

To conclude a delightful space well thought out design wise with a very good use of curtains, texture and pattern.

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