29 March, 2008

Designed For Entertaining

If entertaining is your passion, then this is the design perfect for you. With a large, open floor plan and an array of amenities, every gathering will be succes.

The foyer embraces the living areas accented by a glass fireplace and wetbar. The living and dining room each acces a screened entertainment center for outside enjoyment.

The gourmant kitchen delights with its opennes to the rest of the house. A morning room also adds a nice touch.

Two bedrooms and a den radiate from the first floor living area. Climb up the stairs or use the elevator to reach the lovely master suite.

It contains a huge walk-in closet, a whirlpool tub and private sun deck.

Design Specification:

Living Area (sq ft)
Main floor : 2066
Upper floor : 809
Lower floor : 0-1260
Total : 2875-4135

Bedrooms : 3
Fullbath : 3
Half Bath : 1
Car stalls: 2

Width : 64'0"
Depth : 45'0"


Unfinished sq ft
Bonus : 1260
Garage : 798

This plan can be customized:
  • Features : Balcony or loft, Sloping ceiling, High Ceiling, Fireplace, Porch, Separate Bath and Shower, Walk-in closet, Wall of window

  • Rooms : Upper Floor Master, Main Floor Laundry Room, Great Room, Dining Room, Breakfast Room, Den or Nursery

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27 March, 2008

Custom Contemporary Kitchen - Systematic Modular Kitchen

Finally, a modular kitchen that will change with you - the kitchen is a custom systematic contemporary cuisine with a crucial difference. Unlike other islands in the kitchen, these islands are in fact designed to be moved! The kitchen is completely systematic contemporary modular, customizable, and the superb elements can be combined and modified to suit the changing your needs as your family members… and lifestyle evolves. Warm natural cherry breathes life, and is supported by the aluminum structure, plus a gas piston that makes it easier and more solid fence. The linear aspect of this modern kitchen is beautifully balanced by race, recessed stove and sinks. Bring harmony and adaptability of your kitchen with this Systematic Modular Kitchen

26 March, 2008

Green building for a healthier living and working conditions environmentally friendly alternatives through

‘Green building’ is the process by which all normal materials, techniques and products used to build a house are exchanged for safe alternatives environmentally friendly. The initiative aims not only to protect the environment and conserve resources like water and energy, but also offer a place safer for humans to live when you decide to build a house environmentally friendly, you must form a team who are certified experts in the field of green buildings, and can ensure that every aspect of your structure is green.

This means that the architect who is designing your home to the interior designer who is adding the finishing touches to your home, everyone must be on the same page on the appearance of green buildings. Such a project must include these features very important to make it green, it must promote sustainability in every sense, and it must conserve energy and water in the construction process as well as in the conception of reality. It will need to protect the environment, and it must provide a healthy living environment, free of toxins and chemical compounds that are found in many paints, varnishes, sealants and even carpets.

Your architect must ensure that the design of the house retains as much energy as possible with the use of many windows to allow a lot of light, including solar panels or other interesting features in the design. Green building starts with the planning and then moves on the construction. The company you use must understand how to build a green building, and they must conserve water during the process, eliminate waste as much as possible to go to the landfill by reusing old wood chips or cement other features such as a fountain, Closure or lawn chairs. For green building all products that are used must be safe and environmentally friendly, even insect poison. You can use boride natural insect repellent, and there are natural products that can be used for waterproofing and insulation of your house. Insulation is very important because it prevents you from needing too many heaters in the winter and air conditioning in summer, thereby saving energy. The building is also on the sustainability and you can get wood only places that are certified for the sustainable use of forest trees.

For the interior, using paints which are toxins that are free or low volatile compounds (VOC) in them. This applies to all surface finishes, as well as rugs, carpets, tiles and accessories you use. For accessories, you can reduce the time of Energy (transport) costs dramatically just by buying space for your project green building.

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Pict : Architectaria Collections

25 March, 2008

Water Features and Lighting on Patio

Patio Water Features

Water features such as water garden ponds and garden fountains are pleasant additions to the design of a landscape, because it provides diversion scenes simply plants. Nothing can transform a landscape quite like water. It relieves the monotony of the garden and provides functionality accent that makes the garden or landscape interesting.

Whether it is a spectacular waterfall or a quiet pond, water works its magic on any garden, providing a focal point and a region that soothes the soul. Movement of water provides delightful background music and masks traffic noise. The soothing sounds of water can mask the noise, making even a patio urban restful retirement.

Patio Lights

Patio lighting can provide the drama in your garden. It not only allows you to spend more time outside at night, but it also gives wonderful illumination of the best part of your garden. Patio lights can really create wonderful effects and make your patio nocturnal experience even more enjoyable. Just as important, patio lighting can make your garden patio and a safer place to be at night.

Lights can be placed in the following areas, choose from among the popular these days:
  • Deck Lighting - Your deck lighting can be a very good tool to highlight and uphold the changes in elevations, drop-off, or deck edges. Doing so will not only create a dramatic effect, but a bridge safer as well. You can hide the lighting under safeguards, under the benches, or on vertical posts.
  • Stage (Step) Lighting - This type of lighting patio allow both you and guests to navigate to your steps through your yard and in security. Place not under the lighting, the vertical posts, or along the steps.
  • Fountain Lighting - Fountain in the patio can still decorate your garden, even at night, thanks to the illumination of modern ideas. There are many types of large patio lights that make your fountain even more beautiful at night. You may be under the lights that really give a dramatic appeal to your fountain. You may also consider colored lights for even more fun. It is also possible to create a mirror effect on the water if you turn the area behind the reflecting surface of the water.
  • Shadow Lighting - Use this technique to highlight interesting forms and you may have in your garden, including tree structure, sculptures, etc. Put your light fixture in front of the plant or point you want shade, and the goal so that the Point will cast its shadow on a surface such as the wall of your house. More light is on the item you want to shadow, the shadow will be over.
  • Silhouette Lighting - Silhouetting is a type of lighting patio really stresses that the shape of an object. To create the silhouette effect, put a light behind the subject, and it shine onto a vertical surface, such as the wall of your home.

These are only a few types of lighting you choose patio came, however, to decide what type of use at home, think about specific issues that you want to highlight. Think of topics that will look better as a silhouette or a shadow. Next, consider also areas that need to be enlightened.

24 March, 2008

Modern Minimalist Kitchen - Recyclable Yellow Kitchen

I bring sunshine on a cloudy day: Introducing Modern recyclable Yellow Kitchen. With a reflection in a practical way, as well as the environment, the main materials used in the modern kitchen Yellow of wood, stainless steel, aluminum and glass - all completely recyclable. The doors are constructed using the glass on a frame of aluminum - light and versatile. The work plan is also made of solid glass. A snack bar wood brings a practical and attractive feature, equally suitable for entertaining guests while cooking or provide breakfast to children.

20 March, 2008

Luxury Bathroom Vanity - Deco Bathroom Vanities

Although Deco vanities of luxurious bathrooms are part of the "crimes" of the range, gives them a classic elegance with modern sustainable. Indeed, the stately Deco vanity will outlast trends to become a favorite bath fixture for many years to come. Charming, curved, wooden legs turned add interest to the vanity, which comes in a variety of different interpretations. A large, a drawer at hand for all your needs can be located directly under the high, or if you prefer, a cute two drawer’s freestanding unit can be added below. Available in white or black classical, there is also an arrest olive green option for those who dare to be different.

The deco vanities bathroom facilities are full of individual character - just like you.

19 March, 2008

Contemporary Kitchen - Great Cuisine kitchen

The Great Cuisine kitchen is contemporary cuisine that represents the best of Italian cuisine today. The combination of style and functionality makes this kitchen synonymous with good taste. The Great Cuisine modern kitchen, geometric appeal based on rectangular units with integrated chip handles. The ingenious combinations of materials and textures… are also strengths of the large and high-brightness storage cabinet’s contrast with the dull island with its very linear construction. The unique three-dimensional look of the island is typical of the attention to detail in this kitchen. Gliding, silence drawers (which can support all your pots heavy - up to 50 kg) complete the practical side of careful scrutiny operating throughout this design.

18 March, 2008

Luxury and Elegance Bathrooms Furniture

The bathroom offers Elegance range scintillating wild Furniture luxurious bathrooms. An intriguing mix of qualities savagery and refinement, Savage has a strong impact look that will certainly be the focal point of your bathroom. Visual pleasure and sensuality of touch combine with the exotic and surprisingly touching only use zebra and crocodile affect surfaces. With a solid piece of wood, this luxurious bathroom furniture is built to last. The Savage boasts rich, contemporary colors and inspires you to express your personality. For a luxury bathroom that suits your lifestyle, look no further than the collection of architectaria bathrooms elegance.

16 March, 2008

Contemporary Washbasin - New Reflection & Fountain Washbasins

Lovely contemporary sink - the new thinking and Fountain sinks are easy to find a place in your home. So simple, wells are flexible, but quite up to date. Reflection has a stainless steel sink satin top, which works well in an environment of bathroom to open up and clear the area. Available in single or double sinks reflection modernity to convey their strong geometric lines. The Fountain sinks, on the other hand, a softer line, and is marked by a characteristic roll at the front. It looks great traditional mounted on a sink and practically sparkles in clean, white porcelain.

Would you bring this The New Reflection and Fountain washbasins to your home?

Source : Architectaria - Architect and Planners

15 March, 2008

Modern Decorative Frames - The New Way To Decorate Your Nest

A truly innovative use of the superb large-scale frames, these modern decorative frames. Available in a variety of themes, the ones seen here are brilliantly colored, ornamental baroque, and the elegant, rhinestone-studded modern. Either can be used to enhance your interior decor with a mirror inside… giving your guests can discreetly check their appearance, while admiring your style! Or, if your collection of DVDs, videos or CDs to the fore in your living room, you can display proudly in a frame. Nestled perfectly in the division of cells, your music or films are easily accessible. Whether you opt for the ornate baroque frame or chassis modern sleek, these decorative frames are exclusive and unresolved.

14 March, 2008

Bathroom Vanities – Art Deco Bathroom Collection

The vanity of Art Deco bathroom has a unique form undulating. The unfussy, but dynamic art deco vanities in the collection have a technical point of view the grace of their own. Decorating 1 vanity comes in a shiny metallic silver: a striking contrast to the smooth and wavy lines of furniture. This combination of attention to detail with nostalgic futuristic shades and colors gives the collection Art Deco vanity contemporary sculptures appeal. Similarly, Art Deco vanity 2 catches the eye because it gleams in metallic bronze. Art Deco 3, in contrast, made a bold statement in glossy black. Topped with magnificent oval sink, or a molded sink built into the counter, these vanities bathroom will transcend trends.

Do you want to make the bathroom Deco collection exciting part of your family?

13 March, 2008

Luxury High-End TV Stand, Art Deco & Baroque Centers

Modern Entertainment - Luxury High-End TV Stand

Becoming the main focal point of the room, your entertainment center will receive the attention it deserves. You will appreciate the unified look smart to have all your entertainment systems are clearly displayed and easy to access. The use of chocolate brown snakes’ sassy style emphasizes the finishing luxury, high-end appearance of modern television, this stand. In contrast with the deep red background and brilliant retailer, the overall appearance is truly memorable.

TV Media Center in a frame - Art Deco & Baroque Centers

Select your preferred area in the house with the letter framing it - the Art Deco and Baroque frame TV Media Centers will do just that! Of course, your existing home entertainment… the art and should therefore be treated accordingly. These interpretations of the use of a large, ornate frame go beyond the practice in a field of the imagination. Dazzling shades of metallic silver and gold adding a touch of indulgence. In coordination framed mirrors, frame-style CD and DVD storage and wall lights, you can not go wrong.

Source from: Architectaria - Architect and Planner