25 March, 2008

Water Features and Lighting on Patio

Patio Water Features

Water features such as water garden ponds and garden fountains are pleasant additions to the design of a landscape, because it provides diversion scenes simply plants. Nothing can transform a landscape quite like water. It relieves the monotony of the garden and provides functionality accent that makes the garden or landscape interesting.

Whether it is a spectacular waterfall or a quiet pond, water works its magic on any garden, providing a focal point and a region that soothes the soul. Movement of water provides delightful background music and masks traffic noise. The soothing sounds of water can mask the noise, making even a patio urban restful retirement.

Patio Lights

Patio lighting can provide the drama in your garden. It not only allows you to spend more time outside at night, but it also gives wonderful illumination of the best part of your garden. Patio lights can really create wonderful effects and make your patio nocturnal experience even more enjoyable. Just as important, patio lighting can make your garden patio and a safer place to be at night.

Lights can be placed in the following areas, choose from among the popular these days:
  • Deck Lighting - Your deck lighting can be a very good tool to highlight and uphold the changes in elevations, drop-off, or deck edges. Doing so will not only create a dramatic effect, but a bridge safer as well. You can hide the lighting under safeguards, under the benches, or on vertical posts.
  • Stage (Step) Lighting - This type of lighting patio allow both you and guests to navigate to your steps through your yard and in security. Place not under the lighting, the vertical posts, or along the steps.
  • Fountain Lighting - Fountain in the patio can still decorate your garden, even at night, thanks to the illumination of modern ideas. There are many types of large patio lights that make your fountain even more beautiful at night. You may be under the lights that really give a dramatic appeal to your fountain. You may also consider colored lights for even more fun. It is also possible to create a mirror effect on the water if you turn the area behind the reflecting surface of the water.
  • Shadow Lighting - Use this technique to highlight interesting forms and you may have in your garden, including tree structure, sculptures, etc. Put your light fixture in front of the plant or point you want shade, and the goal so that the Point will cast its shadow on a surface such as the wall of your house. More light is on the item you want to shadow, the shadow will be over.
  • Silhouette Lighting - Silhouetting is a type of lighting patio really stresses that the shape of an object. To create the silhouette effect, put a light behind the subject, and it shine onto a vertical surface, such as the wall of your home.

These are only a few types of lighting you choose patio came, however, to decide what type of use at home, think about specific issues that you want to highlight. Think of topics that will look better as a silhouette or a shadow. Next, consider also areas that need to be enlightened.

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