26 March, 2008

Green building for a healthier living and working conditions environmentally friendly alternatives through

‘Green building’ is the process by which all normal materials, techniques and products used to build a house are exchanged for safe alternatives environmentally friendly. The initiative aims not only to protect the environment and conserve resources like water and energy, but also offer a place safer for humans to live when you decide to build a house environmentally friendly, you must form a team who are certified experts in the field of green buildings, and can ensure that every aspect of your structure is green.

This means that the architect who is designing your home to the interior designer who is adding the finishing touches to your home, everyone must be on the same page on the appearance of green buildings. Such a project must include these features very important to make it green, it must promote sustainability in every sense, and it must conserve energy and water in the construction process as well as in the conception of reality. It will need to protect the environment, and it must provide a healthy living environment, free of toxins and chemical compounds that are found in many paints, varnishes, sealants and even carpets.

Your architect must ensure that the design of the house retains as much energy as possible with the use of many windows to allow a lot of light, including solar panels or other interesting features in the design. Green building starts with the planning and then moves on the construction. The company you use must understand how to build a green building, and they must conserve water during the process, eliminate waste as much as possible to go to the landfill by reusing old wood chips or cement other features such as a fountain, Closure or lawn chairs. For green building all products that are used must be safe and environmentally friendly, even insect poison. You can use boride natural insect repellent, and there are natural products that can be used for waterproofing and insulation of your house. Insulation is very important because it prevents you from needing too many heaters in the winter and air conditioning in summer, thereby saving energy. The building is also on the sustainability and you can get wood only places that are certified for the sustainable use of forest trees.

For the interior, using paints which are toxins that are free or low volatile compounds (VOC) in them. This applies to all surface finishes, as well as rugs, carpets, tiles and accessories you use. For accessories, you can reduce the time of Energy (transport) costs dramatically just by buying space for your project green building.

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