14 March, 2008

Bathroom Vanities – Art Deco Bathroom Collection

The vanity of Art Deco bathroom has a unique form undulating. The unfussy, but dynamic art deco vanities in the collection have a technical point of view the grace of their own. Decorating 1 vanity comes in a shiny metallic silver: a striking contrast to the smooth and wavy lines of furniture. This combination of attention to detail with nostalgic futuristic shades and colors gives the collection Art Deco vanity contemporary sculptures appeal. Similarly, Art Deco vanity 2 catches the eye because it gleams in metallic bronze. Art Deco 3, in contrast, made a bold statement in glossy black. Topped with magnificent oval sink, or a molded sink built into the counter, these vanities bathroom will transcend trends.

Do you want to make the bathroom Deco collection exciting part of your family?

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