24 April, 2008

The Choice of Fabrics

It is most important that the fabric will drape or hang well. In general the heavier the fabric, the tighter the weave should be to ensure that the fabric will hang well.

The looser the weave the more prone it is to environmental factors like heat and moisture which will mean that you can physically see your drapes rise and fall.

The most common types of fabrics that are used for drapery are as follows: sheers and nets, most commonly synthetic, used for privacy.

Casements, which are made from loosely woven textured yarns and also used for privacy.

Prints, probably the most popular, these are generally made from tightly woven cotton or cotton polyester blends and are of medium weight and practical from most window treatment situations.

Satins and jacquards, mostly for formal applications, heavy tightly woven supple fabrics that hang very straight and formally.

Sheers or nets are a popular choice for casual uses of curtains, shown in this photograph, they are a perfect fabric choice for a difficult set of French doors. The fabric diffuses the natural light but you can still see out and access the door handles in the center.

There are no rules, you can use almost any fabric for drapery with careful thought about the application, as long as you can justify your selection with all your knowledge – go for it, dare to be different.

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