22 April, 2008

Sheer and Net Curtains

Sheers or Voiles

Sheers, voiles or nets are fine translucent fabrics. They are used to cut down the amount of sunlight that enters a room and to create a small amount of privacy.

They can be used on their own or combined with heavier curtains to be drawn at night. For a long time they were only available in white or cream.

The selection available today is very extensive ranging from colors, beaded, textures, striped, rainbow effects, metallic, threaded with flower forms, embroidered with designs, sequined ... the list goes on.

So you can see that they are quite a fashion statement for your window. A very good alternative to blinds.

The use of sheers in this contemporary apartment allows diffused light to enter and makes a subtle design statement. They are ceiling hung on a track behind a pelmet in the form of a lowered ceiling and the curtains seem to float.

Sheers are a great way to add soft and subtle decorative curtains as seen in this photograph. The sheers diffuse the sunlight as under curtains, and then the gold decorative curtain to the side is pulled through a ring to act as a tieback, very clever design accessory.

The heading options vary greatly, from pencil pleats for a lovely fullness to inverted pleat for a more flat sophisticated look, to a simple gathered head that will be covered with a pelmet, valance, swags and tails or a scarf drapery.

They are also commonly threaded through rods or poles using a casement heading.

Nets or Net Curtains

Net curtains are similar to sheers, but the construction of the fabric is different. The strands of yarn are interlocked to form patterns of fine or large holes in the fabric. They can be fine or coarse, with varying degrees of complex patterns.

They are hung in a similar fashion to sheers.

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