11 March, 2008

Kitchen Remodeling to a Budget

Rule number one when remodeling your kitchen - define your budget and stick to it!

Rule number two - allow a 10% contingency to rule number one!

This means if your budget is $10, 000, add $1,000 and put it to one side to tidy up loose ends at the completion of the project.

No matter how well you plan, there are always things that come up along the way that need to be paid for.

A broken pipe when the wall is removed, new power points, or upgrade power supply, insulation in the wall since you are relining etc!

So now that you have decided on your budget, work out what are the most critical things that will make a difference to your kitchen. They can be aesthetic or functional. Prioritize them. Then start your planning and redesign using the priority list.

For example, top of the list could be new replacement faucets, new sinks and a new dishwasher and bottom of the list new flooring. This would mean that in your planning you will be altering joinery and plumbing and trying to reduce any work requiring altering of the layout so the floor doesn’t need any repair work.

Then you need to create a scope of work or a plan of what you require. Then you can ask contractors to price it for you.

Once you have their prices you can then assess your priority list and decide if your budget works and you will achieve an increase in the value of your property for the money invested. Or, are you better to create a completely new kitchen and borrow money to make a major difference on the property value.

I’ll let you decide because that’s another article!

Now, some tips for kitchen remodeling on a budget:
  • Refinish existing cabinetry fronts or reuse existing cabinetry and get new cupboard and drawer fronts.
  • Refinish existing appliances to stainless steel
  • Integrate old appliances where possible to kitchen cabinetry
  • Change cabinet knobs or handles to something more up-to-date or keeping with your new style. Often this simple action can create major change.
  • Paint the walls. Obvious, but can sometimes be overlooked. ( What color?)
  • Add a mobile island. Adds new dimension and increases counter/bench space.
  • Add a hanging pot rack with interesting pot accessories.
  • Increase the lighting to the kitchen. You will be amazed what a difference good lighting makes to a space- it opens it up and adds warmth.
  • Add tiles as a splashback or upstand
  • Add a ‘theme’- using artwork, accessories, cookware etc
  • If you need larger and expensive items look in the local newspapers and internet for other people selling or buying kitchen things. You could sell what you don’t want and buy what someone else doesn’t want. A win-win situation for all.
  • Some appliance stores have shop soiled goods- items that have been on display- these are often discounted. Look out for these or go in and ask- put your name down for when they change their displays to give you a call.
The biggest thing to remember if you are on a small budget is create the change over a period of time. Work from the structural or new appliance end to the paintwork or hanging pictures. This way you can gradually make a great deal of change.

So now that you have a few kitchen remodeling tips I am sure that you can add more of your own to get the kitchen of your dreams for your budget plus 10%!


Ashish said...

Before starting your remodeling projects make sure that you have got the basic design ideas in kitchen. This information will effectively utilize your current kitchen space and cut unnecessary expenses.

Aria said...

Yup, agree with your last quote.. exploiting existing kitchen space effectively reduce remodeling budget.